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Visoh non è solo un Make Up Center, è un produttore di Prodotti di Make Up, una Rete Franchising e un Academy. Per avere maggiori informazioni sul nostro mondo, contattaci!

Via Francesco Fiscaletti, 4,
63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP
Tel. 392 715 8444

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Mar-Ven 09:00–20:00
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Via Francesco Crispi, 118 – San Benedetto del Tronto AP
Tel. 375 644 0780

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Mar-Sab 09:00-20:00
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Via Trento, 962012
Civitanova Marche MC
Tel. 375 637 6932

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Mar-Sab 09:00–13:00, 16:00–20:00
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c/o Ila Malù
via Gramsci, 13A – Brescia
Tel. 327 079 8349

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Giovedì 10:00-19:00
Mar-Mer-Ven-Sab 10:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00
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Make-up Addict: Celebrate with us a special occasion: bachelorette party, graduation, birthday party, or surprise party. A beauty consultant will tell you the secrets for the ideal make-up. You will be thoroughly engrossed in eyeshadows, powders, and lip glosses but don’t forget the final toast!
(groups of four to six people)
(groups of seven to twelve people)
(groups of thirteen to eighteen people)

Self-Make-up Group Course: A beauty consultant will show you the basic rules for a perfect make-up. Together you will learn about the main tools for a full make-up, the importance of the perfect skincare, the perfect make-up base, and day and night make-up. Estimate upon request.

Photographic make-up and photo shoot Photographic make-up with shooting 


Eyebrow Study Service:
Professional consulting to determine the ideal eyebrow shape for an overgrown or thinning eyebrow and achieve the perfect line using tweezers or the threading technique.
Eyebrow color:
A combination of shaping and naturalness.
Semi-permanent Henna:
A curative Henna eyebrow tint that aims to re-create the eyebrow shape in a natural way, giving definition and volume. Hair removal included.
Brow Light:
This technique allows to safely lighten the eyebrow with a natural effect.
Eyebrow ironing:
Smoothening and restructuring eyebrow treatment.
Revival Brow:
Beauty eyebrow treatment. It strengthens the hair follicle structure avoiding weakening in the follicles thanks to Aloe Vera gel and it stimulates growth by applying a Henna mask. It doesn’t change the eyebrow colour. 
Brow Card:
5 appointments card. The card is valid for ten weeks. 


Lash Lamination and Tinting: Perfectly curled, separated, and Extreme Black lashes with a renewed structure for a semi-permanent “mascara effect”.

Lash Tinting: It gives definition to your eyes and makes your lashes Extra Black

Lash Henna Tint: A natural and explosive look. Replenishing treatment and intense colour.

Lash Lift: Lifted, plumped, regenerated and Extra Black lashes for an immediately intense gaze.

Restructuring mask with Keratin and Lash Tinting Long, voluminous, dark, and thick lashes. This treatment helps improve your lashes structure giving them strength and elasticity. 


Effective technique to improve your aspect or fix small imperfections. It is a natural approach aimed at enhancing eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

Eyebrow Microblading
First Session 
Touch-up (after about 4 weeks)
Yearly touch-up

First Session 
Touch-up (after about 4 weeks)
Yearly touch-up


Skin Radiant: A personalised skincare consultation to preserve or restore your skin’s beauty. A tissue mask capable of giving your skin the essential nourishing ingredients.

New Skin:
Peeling is a treatment of cutaneous exfoliation that increases the rate of cell turnover, it reduces spots and erases signs of stress and tiredness. 

Lip mask: A Hydro-Plumping mask that instantly gives your lip a volume-enhancing, smooth effect.

Manual facelift with instant results. This massage reduces swelling and sculpts your facial features. 

Threading – Facial Hair Removal (Partial Face):
Localised removal of unwanted facial hair with a thread (ancient Middle Eastern technique). 

Threading – Facial Hair Removal (Full Face)
Full face removal of unwanted facial hair with a thread (ancient Middle Eastern technique).

Private Make Up

Make-up Focus Lesson one to one:
A specific focus to understand how to perfectly apply make-up to targeted areas of the face.

Total Look Make-up Lesson one to one:
A two-hour lesson to learn how to create the ideal make-up for your face and personal style. 

Make Up

Flash Make-up: Uniform complexion, thick lashes and highlighted lips.

Beauty Make-up: Photographic, glamorous, or themed make-up. False lashes application included.

Superior Make-up: Photographic, glamorous, or themed make-up. False lashes application included.

Airbrush Beauty Make-up: An incredibly natural and bright make-up base for a no-make-up effect.

Home care: Make-up services at home.